Ian Brown

USA & South Africa


Volunteer and Travel provides a great, positive, and sustainable immersion into South Africa culture at a very local family and community level, and extends that beyond going across provincial borders and to other countries. It is therefore extremely multifaceted. Also, Sandile is a very experienced global traveler himself, so his experience and expertise provide a full and rich experience for anyone that signs up. Go experience Africa, by Africans, for everyone!

Jenny Ngidi-Brown



Sandile and the rest of the team at Volunteer & Travel, is amazing. They offer a true community oriented volunteer experience, where volunteers can offer their hearts and their hands to helping an organization that is already making a difference in people's lives, make more of a difference. This is not an experience or an organization to come and try to change and make more to your liking, but rather a chance to open your own mind and heart as a volunteer to learn and experience South African culture and community in its finest forms.

Lou Schmalbrock



I had a wonderful time in Durban! Within 3 months I could experience and learn a lot from the local culture. Everybody is very friendly and understanding, to work with the kids was a great experience.

Lara & Sara




"Hey everybody, 

we worked for 5 weeks here in Umgababa and we loved it! Our time there was amazing and we enjoyed every singel day. To work with the children is so much fun. If u see them u have to love them. In the center is a lot of work to do. Teaching and entertaining the children, preparing the food, cleaning up and help where help is needed. Our work was to support the two lovely women who are working at the center. It was a great experience to work with them together. 
We felt very welcome and when the work was done we always had a lot of fun. U will spend your time with Sandile on the weekends and he will show u nice places in Durban and surrounding. Our weekends were the best. We went out for dinner, went to concerts and other events. To live with Sandile is very nice and u get closer to the Zulu culture and the real african lifestyle. We also visited the other children center in Kwa Mashu and celebrated the Heritage Day together. Best day in South Africa!
If u want to come here we promise u u will have a great time. Most important things are that u can work in a team and u should be openminded for new things. Buy be aware that the life here is different.
Thank u so much for having this awesome time together. Best regards to everyone and we are pretty sure we will see u again !!!!!!"

Marie Loro




I came one month in the center of Umgababa, and it was too short. Everybody was so welcoming with me, Sandile made me very comfortable with the city who scared me at the beginning, and I had a lot of goods moments after-works with him and the others volunteers. And at the center, Mazethu and Sbo were so welcoming with me and very nice people. (Thank you so much again!)
I really enjoyed my time in this center. Not really in the town, the view was so beautiful and agreeable. And the kids were so adorable. It was the first time I worked with children and It was more easy that I expected, and at the end I just don't want to leave them, kids, others volunteers, Sandile, Mazethu, Sbo, Lucky...
I also had the chance to meet the Sandile's mother and grandmother in the other center in the town. Two very nice people who work very hard for these children. Mirriam, the Sandile's grandmother meet us and tell us the story of the center, it was so interesting, she is a wonderful and nice person who spends all her time for the kids of all the 3 centers. 
I m sure to don't succeed to explain how I enjoyed my time there, but discover the Zulu culture was so amazing with the kids and the people helpful and friendly that I encountered, just what I expected.
Thank you so much for the experience!"

Sophie Warth




"Hello everybody :) 

I am Sophie and have spent two months here in Umgababa. The time there was incredibly impressive for me. Sandile and his family (his grandmother, Sbo and Mazetu (the two women who work at the center)) were so friendly and made me feel most welcome. Umgababa and the whole environment is very different from what I know from Europe - but I fell in love with the culture and people very quickly. I have always felt comfortable and safe. All people I met were very nice and showed me their interest in me.
I had a great time with the other volunteers and Sandile. Working at the Center, cooking together, trips on the weekends (concerts, cinema, hiking, visiting friends and relatives, beach,…) everything was a great experience. Working at the Center during the week was a new adeventure every day. In the afternoon I went home tired but happy. Although the children can sometimes be a challenge, I fell in love with them immediately and also I learned a lot from these kids! Saying goodbye at the end of my stay was very hard and I actually miss them a lot. 
Furthermore I could visit the two other Centers in Kwa-Mashu and Bhambayi with Sandile’s grandmother Miriam (called Gogo). Gogo is an incredibly exciting woman, I was very impressed by her stories of the past and how she has founded the Centers. 
I recommend this adventure to all who are interesteded in experiencing another culture, its people and traditions. To all of you who want to learn more about South Africa, but also about yourself. I’m sure you will have a great and interesting time you will never forget. For myself, I’ve learned a lot during my time there, what is really important in life and what we should appreciate more here in Switzerland. "

Mikel Mangold





"Hello family, 

My time here was amazing. If you want to appreciate things when you go back home, you should definitely come here. My experience here was unique and I loved it. The children are smiling all the time, the people who are working there gives you a lot of attention and the working atmosphere is very comfortable. 
The area where we are living is called "Umgababa" and it's a very special place. This place is different of every touristic places in South Africa and you feel the people there. There are greeting, singing and smiling. Being there was also for me understanding one of the culture in South Africa. Despite some misunderstanding some time which has been solved, my time here stay unforgettable in my mind and If you ask me "Would you do it again" I will answer "Yes, I do". 

This is a growing organisation which need volunteer like us to progress. Come and help them !!! 

Thank you Sandile for the time you took for us. "


Celine & Thomas




"Hi Mirriam, Sandile and the others,

We had a very special experience with you. It was a very rewarding and interesting cultural experience to stay with you in KwaMashu, to get to know how life goes in the township, to hear your fascinating stories about the township and the country's history, to share our ideas and life experiences with you, to see how this place functions and to help in the daily tasks, to get to know the teachers, the workers and the pupils. 

Volunteers, don't worry about a thing. You'll be perfectly safe, well fed and well accommodated, and you will learn a lot living with Mirriam, hanging around with Sandile, and chatting with both of them. (And with everybody else too, of course.) 

The beachfront and the city centre in Durban are very easily accessible by minibus taxi, just around the corner of Mirriam's house.

We'll definitely visit when we come back to SA.


Celine and Thomas

Lori Tiemer



"Volunteering here has been an amazing experience; I would recommend this opportunity without hesitation to anyone! No matter what your skills and interest are, they can been utilized at the centers. You will be welcomed with open arms by everyone and be very well taken care of. The children at the centers are wonderful; loving, intelligent, energetic, motivated, and funny. Its hard not to fall in love with every one of them! Durban and the surrounding area is beautiful. This is truly a life changing opportunity!"


Kate Mullighan

Great Britian


"I worked for a month in the center. I really enjoyed my time there, everyone was so welcoming, the kids were fun. It was an experience and a half getting introduced into and enjoying Zulu culture, with the school embracing the heritage by teaching traditional dancing and songs to the kids, as well as English. I helped with a number of things including helping the teachers, helping ingredients in the kitchen and helping maintain the school. The center is very flexible for what you would like to be involved in, and I wish u stayed longer as there was so much more for me to do from getting involved in fundraising and many other projects. I look forward to visiting everyone again."

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