Volunteer & Travel offers a  very unique and  authentic  experience to those that wish to explore South Africa while  being  part of its  diverse culture.We travel  and stay in communities that are not always in the mainstream  for tourists. Volunteer in Durban  by giving time  to  organizations    that  are part  of  the community allows  travelers an opportunity to   immerse themselves in our culture.Our volunteer programs are short term and long term  plus, we provide  hostel/backpacker  accommodation   within the community.

Our expeditions are  in 7 seater   SUVs,   ready for adventure. There is also  a backpacking feel to  it even though we stay in  great hostels, backpackers, lodges and sometimes camping sites.There is always the  reassurance of travelling with a local but with the freedom to explore  each place  on your or with the group.

We are committed to  giving and supporting  the communities we work and live. Our way of responsible tourism   is founded on  principles of  dignity and respect  for the  environment   and the people we wish  to empower.  Integration and immersing  Volunteers in  these  communities  vital , even more  meaningful     than handing out  gift and leaving


Our aim to empower  and help non-profit  organization s figure out methods  of remaining self  efficient. One of these  organizations  that  benefits  is  a  Community  Centre For  Children and Flashmobkindness. Our Volunteer  Program  is centred around these two  organizations, there are 3 children's centres  around Durban and  with Flashmobkindness we  volunteer  around  South Africa looking for  places that need assistance.


We encourage open minded and positive  people  to  join our  adventures.

Volunteer & Travel itinerary   


Day of arrival  

  • Pick up from the airport 

  • Drive to South of Durban where we have a centre with accommodation for volunteers   

  • Welcome dinner with everyone 


Daily Schedule 

Mondays & Wednesdays 

  • 8:30am Day at the Centre begins 

  • Activities throughout the day include: 

  • Cooking for the Children 

  • Teaching 

  • Playing Sports 

  • Washing hands, Brushing Teeth, Changing clothes 

  • Feeding 

  • Vegetable garden 

  • Painting the Centres 

  • Administration at our office in Durban 

  • 3:30pm day ends at the Centre 

  • Volunteer have an option to be taken to the beach (5 mins away) for the rest of the afternoon. 


Tuesdays & Thursdays 

  • 8:30am Drive 45 mins to the Kwa-Mashu Centre 

  • Pick up food to deliver to Centre around the area 

  • Distribute food to the children 

  • Distribute food to the local community 

  • Distribute food to the care givers and staff 

  • Pick up food for the volunteer house 

  • 2pm Drive back to the volunteer house 

  • Volunteers have the option to be taken to the mall (7 mins away) or supermarket for the personal shopping. 


Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays


  • 6:00am we leave for one of our road trips. 

  • Johannesburg/Soweto including Kruger trips we leave on Thursdays at 6am  

  • Each trip has its own itinerary but we generally spend 3-4 day weekends at one of our travel destinations 

  • The Cape Town/Wild Coast/Garden Route takes 7 days 

  • Days might overlap depending where we go so please be flexible and enjoy the ride 






St Lucia/Wetlands/Hluhluwe Game Reserve 

Day 1 

6:00 am: Drive to St Lucia about 3 hours north of Durban 

9:30 am: Arrive at Tented Safari Lodge in St Lucia 

10:00 am: Enjoy breakfast, brunch, relax by the pool at the lodge. 

              Walk around the small town or head to the beach 

14:00 pm: We go for a booked boat ride to see the Hippos 

16:30 pm: Boat ride ends 

17:00 pm: Volunteers return to the tented lodge to have time to themselves. 

              For the rest of the evening everybody can prepare their own dinner with food supplied 

              Get a chance to mingle and meet other travellers for the rest of the evening  


Day 2 

5:00 am – 14:00 pm: Safari at Hluhluwe Game Reserve, lunch included. 

Volunteers can spend the rest of the day as they wish. 

Day 3 

This is our lazy day before we head back home. Volunteers can choose to hang out at the lodge or go for a walking tour or just hand out at the beach 

!5;00 pm; We drive back to the volunteer home (3 hours) 





Day 1 

6:00 am: Drive 2.5 hours to the Drakensberg Mountains from Durban. 

9:00 am: Check in at the Backpacker Lodge and prepare to go for a hike 

10:00 am: Go for the Amphitheatre/Tugela Falls hike, lunch included. 

16:00 pm: Hike ends, we return to the backpacker lodge. 

17:00 pm: We enjoy a rest at the hot bub before dinner. 

19:00 pm: Dinner is served at the lodge 



Day 2 

7:30 am; Prepare for a trip to Lesotho, don’t forget to bring your passport. 

              Drive to another country within South Africa, meet the Basotho and be part of their village. 

              Experience the culture and the history of the Lesotho Kingdom. 

              Lunch is included. 

16:00 pm: Lesotho trip ends 

!8;00 pm; Return to the lodge to mingle with other travellers and prepare for dinner. 


Day 3 

We usually reserve this day for nothing but relaxing and enjoying the beauty that is the Drakensberg mountains 


16:00 pm: We leave for the volunteer house 




Day 1 

6;00 am: Leave for Johannesburg (5 hours)  

12:00 am: Arrive at Maboneng Precinct and check in at the hostel/hotel 

13:00 pm; Lunch at the local restaurant  

15:00 pm: Rest at the hostel whilst mingling with other travellers 

!9;00 pm: Braai night, dinner at the hostel 

21:00 pm: Enjoy nightlife  


Day 2 

!0;00 am: We take a Johannesburg/Soweto (4 Hours) 

14:00 pm: Apartheid Museum 

16;00 pm: Return to the hostel 

18:00 pm: Participate in hostel activities and enjoy the evening 


Day 3 

9:00 am: Neighbourhood Goods market in Braamfotein. … shopping, food and music 

16:00 pm; Return to hostel and enjoy the rest of the day as you wish 

              Bars, restaurants and clubs are walking distance from the hostel. 

Day 4 

9;00 am; Sunday market with live music, local food and local goods on sale. 

13:00 pm: Roof top party down town Johannesburg  

20:00 pm: Return to hostel 


Day 5 

6 am: Return to Durban (5 hours) 




Kruger National Park 

Day 1 

6;00 am: Drive from Durban to Kruger National Park (8 hours) 

11:00 am: Stop to eat late breakfast 

12:00 am: Drive to Crocodile Dam Gate, South of Kruger National Park 

15:00 am: Arrive at accommodation for the night 


Day 2  

6:00 am: Enter Kruger National Park gate 

6;30 am: Self-Drive Safari ending at Skukuza Camp 

14:00 pm: Check in at Skukuza Camp site (Tented Safari accommodation) 

              Spend the afternoon relaxing at the pool or the restaurant 

18:00 pm: Dinner under the stars  


Volunteers are welcome to book a night Safari at their expense 

20:00 pm: Night Safari 


Day 3 

8;00 am: Start booked Safari, including lunch.  

             This will take much of the day so we rest at the camp afterwards. 


15;00 pm: Return to base camp and spend the evening together 

Day 4 

10;00 am: Exit Kruger National Park and drive towards Durban 

15:00 pm: Stop for a late lunch 

18:00 pm: Arrive back at the volunteer house 




Wild Coast/Coffee Bay/Eastern Cape 

Day 1


 6:00 am: Drive from Durban to Coffee bay (6.5 hours) 

10:00 am: Breakfast stop at Umtata 

13:00 pm: Arrive at backpackers in Coffee Bay 

14:00 pm: Walk to the beach to play volley ball 

18:00 pm: Have dinner at a Xhosa village 


Day 2 

8;00 am: Surfing camp, lunch included 

16:00 pm; Surfing camp ends 

19:00 pm: Dinner around camp fire with fellow travellers 

Day 3 

10;00 am: Tour to Hole in the Wall begins (5 hours) 

15:00 pm: Tour ends and we return to the backpackers 

             Volunteers can spend time at the beach or at the backpackers 

19;00 pm: Dinner at the backpackers 

Day 4 

6:00 am: Leave for Durban (6.5 hours) 

11;00 am: Breakfast stop  

15:00 pm: Arrive back at the volunteer house 






Cape Town/Garden Route/Jeffery’s Bay 

Day 1  

6:00 am: Drive to Coffee bay (6.5hours) 

13;00 pm: Arrive at backpackers’ n Coffee Bay 

              Spend the afternoon at the beach  

18;00 pm: Spend the evening at the backpacker and eat dinner. 


Day 2 

8;00 am: Drive to Jeffrey’s Bay (7 hours) 

12:00 pm; Stop in East London for lunch 

13;00 pm: Continue to Jeffery’s Bay 

17:00 pm: Arrive in Jeffery’s bay check in at Hostel/hotel/backpackers 

19:00 pm: Dinner at a restaurant in town. 


Day 3 

Rest day in Jeffrey’s Bay 

Day 4 

6;00 am: start driving along the Garden route, spotting landmarks and sightseeing throughout the day. 

10;00 am: Stop for food in Mossel Bay 

11;00 am; Continue to Cape Town whilst we are sightseeing 

17:00 pm: Arrive in Cape Town and Check in at the Hostel/Hotel 

19:00 pm: Dinner at the hostel/hotel and  

21;00 pm: Explore Cape Town nightlife 


Day 5 

8:00 am: Take a CT walking tour 

             Take a Wine Tasting tour 

             Hike up Lion’s Head 

             Explore the many markets  

18:00 pm: Return to Hostel 

19:00 pm: Dinner at hostel 

Day 6 

Volunteers can decide on what they would like to do on this day 


Day 7  

8:00 am 

Last day in Cape Town. Volunteers that planned on exiting V&T in Cape Town are left to continue their travels, whilst the remaining return to Durban with us. 

We take a different route towards Durban 

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