Volunteers get an opportunity to shadow our teachers while they teach the children until the volunteer can handle a class on their own. We also have roles in the kitchen for volunteers that are enthusiastic about preparing food. We try to grown our own food in our vegetable gardens and make effort in providing healthy food for the children and volunteers. One of South Africa's biggest supermarket provides our centers with food that we distribute to all the centers and the communities. Volunteers assist with packaging the distribution throughout all the centers.


There are gardening projects positions available to volunteers that are keen on being outdoors and maintaining the vegetable gardens in all three centers. We are at the revamping stage of all the centers so painting has been a big part of the process so we need volunteers to continue to paint the centers.


Our location is not in your typical traveler route, these areas have a deep local history and culture. The culture is dominated buy Zulu speaking communities that are proud of the culture and traditions.Volunteers are immersed in the Zulu culture and tradition throughout their stay. We prefer volunteers that are open minded, respectful and are willing to work as a team towards the betterment of the centers.


We provide a stable family environment and are supportive towards our volunteers. We guide you in dealing with culture shock and how to navigate in your new environment whilst you are part of our family structure. 


Every Friday we travel to exciting locations around South Africa so we experience backpacking to places like the Drakensberg Mountains, Lesotho, where we hike and enjoy the Basotho culture. Other locations are Johannesburg/Soweto, Kruger National Park,Mozambique, Kwa-Zulu/St.Lucia and Hluhluwe Game Reserve,Wild Coast, Garden Route and Cape Town. All these roadtrips are included include accomodation at backpacker hostels,food and activities like Safari, hiking and walking tours. This is included in the price just depending on how long you are volunteering.


Volunteers do not have to bring any special equipment other than a positive attitude. 


We arrange a Skype orientation  just to prepare the Volunteers just before they leave for South Africa

Heritage Day



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