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Durban market with volunteers


Volunteer & Travel Tour Packages 

Marie, a volunteer from France ,is helping with the cook lunch for children.
A Dutch family dressed in Zulu Traditional clothes in South Africa







Volunteer, Sara from Germany, takes a photo in the playground with children.


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Join Us as a Volunteer and Make a Difference in South Africa!

Are you passionate about making a positive impact and immersing yourself in a rich cultural experience? Look no further!

Our community centers in South Africa offer exciting volunteer opportunities that allow you to shadow our dedicated staff, engage with local communities, and contribute to meaningful projects.


Here's what we have to offer:

Roles and Activities:

  • Community Center Support: Volunteers have the unique chance to shadow our staff members as they operate in our vibrant community centers. From assisting with educational programs to engaging in recreational activities, you'll be an integral part of creating a positive environment.

  • Kitchen Enthusiasts: If you love preparing food and promoting healthy eating, our kitchen roles are perfect for you. Help us cultivate our own vegetables in our gardens and distribute nourishing meals to children and community members.

  • Gardening Projects: Get your hands dirty and enjoy the outdoors as you maintain our vegetable gardens across all three centers. Your efforts will directly contribute to sustainable food sources and a greener environment.

  • Revamping and Painting: Our centers are undergoing revitalization, and painting plays a crucial role. Join us in adding vibrant colors to the centers, enhancing the welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Cultural Immersion: Our centers are located in areas off the beaten path, rich in local history and dominated by Zulu-speaking communities. Immerse yourself in the Zulu culture and traditions, fostering a deep appreciation for local heritage. We welcome open-minded, respectful volunteers who are eager to work together for the betterment of the centers.

Supportive Environment: We pride ourselves on providing a stable family environment for our volunteers. We offer guidance to navigate cultural adjustments, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in your new surroundings.

Exciting Adventures: Every Friday, we embark on thrilling journeys across South Africa. From hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains to exploring Lesotho's Basotho culture, you'll experience the country's diversity firsthand. Other destinations include Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Kwa-Zulu/St. Lucia, Wild Coast, Garden Route, and Cape Town. Accommodation, meals, and activities like safaris are included based on the duration of your volunteering.

How to Get Started: All you need to bring is a positive attitude – we'll take care of the rest! Before your journey, we'll arrange a video call orientation to ensure you're well-prepared for your adventure in South Africa.

Join us in creating lasting change, fostering cultural understanding, and enjoying unforgettable experiences. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a transformative volunteer journey in South Africa!

4 week tour package

from $2896

6 week tour package

from $3578

8 week tour package 

from   $4497

10 week tour package

from $5840

Volunteer with Children in South Africa

Sophie Warth, Switzerland

Hello I am Sophie and have spent two months here in Umgababa. The time there was incredibly impressive for me. San and his family (his grandmother, Sbo and Mazetu (the two women who work at the center)) were so friendly and made me feel most welcome. Umgababa and the whole environment is very different from what I know from Europe - but I fell in love with the culture and people very quickly. I have always felt comfortable and safe. All people I met were very nice and showed me their interest in me.

Lara and Sara Volunteers

Lara & Sara, Germany

We felt very welcome and when the work was done we always had a lot of fun. U will spend your time with San on the weekends and he will show u nice places in Durban and surrounding. Our weekends were the best. We went out for dinner, went to concerts and other events. To live with Sanis very nice and u get closer to the Zulu culture and the real african lifestyle. We also visited the other children center in Kwa Mashu and celebrated the Heritage Day together. Best day in South Africa!

Lori Tiemer volunteering with children in South Africa

Lori Tiemer, Canada

Volunteering here has been an amazing experience; I would recommend this opportunity without hesitation to anyone! No matter what your skills and interest are, they can been utilized at the centers. You will be welcomed with open arms by everyone and be very well taken care of. The children at the centers are wonderful; loving, intelligent, energetic, motivated, and funny. Its hard not to fall in love with every one of them! Durban and the surrounding area is beautiful. This is truly a life changing opportunity

ian and jenny volunteer

Jenny Ngidi-Brown, USA

"San and the rest of the team at Volunteer & Travel, is amazing. They offer a true community oriented volunteer experience, where volunteers can offer their hearts and their hands to helping an organization that is already making a difference in people's lives, make more of a difference. This is not an experience or an organization to come and try to change and make more to your liking, but rather a chance to open your own mind and heart as a volunteer to learn and experience South African culture and community in its finest forms

Mazethu and Marie peeling vegetables

Mari Loro, France

I came one month in the center of Umgababa, and it was too short. Everybody was so welcoming with me, San made me very comfortable with the city who scared me at the beginning, and I had a lot of goods moments after-works with him and the others volunteers. And at the center, Mazethu and Sbo were so welcoming with me and very nice people. (Thank you so much again!)
I really enjoyed my time in this center. Not really in the town, the view was so beautiful and agreeable. And the kids were so adorable. It was the first time I worked with children and It was more easy that I expected, and at the end I just don't want to leave them, kids, others volunteers, San, Mazethu, Sbo, Lucky...
I also had the chance to meet the San's mother and grandmother in the other center in the town. 

Zulu Ladies with Volunteer from France

Mikel Mangold, Germany

My time here was amazing. If you want to appreciate things when you go back home, you should definitely come here. My experience here was unique and I loved it. The children are smiling all the time, the people who are working there gives you a lot of attention and the working atmosphere is very comfortable. 
The area where we were ;living is called ""Umgababa"" and it's a very special place. This place is different of every touristic places in South Africa and you feel the people there. There are greeting, singing and smiling. Being there was also for me understanding one of the culture in South Africa. 
This is a growing organisation which need volunteer like us to progress. Come and help them !!!
Thank you San for the time you took for us. "


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