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Volunteer & Travel offers a  very unique and  authentic  experience to those that wish to explore South Africa whilst being  part of its  diverse culture. We travel  and stay in communities that are not always in the mainstream  for tourists. Come volunteer in Durban  by giving time  to  organizations that  are part  of  the community which  allows  travellers an opportunity to immerse themselves in our culture. Our volunteer programs are short term and long term  plus, we provide shared  hostel/backpacker  accommodation  within the community.

Our expeditions are  in 7 seater   SUVs,   ready for adventure. There is also  a backpacker feel to it, even though we stay in  great hostels, backpackers, lodges and sometimes camping sites. There are always the  reassurances of travelling with a local, but with the freedom to explore each place  on your own or part of a group.

We are committed to  giving and supporting  the communities we work and live. Our way of responsible tourism   is founded on  principles of  dignity and respect  for the  environment. We aim to empower and the people we assist. Integration and immersing  volunteers in  these  communities is  vital , even more  meaningful than handing out  gift and just leaving.

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