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Volunteer & Travel - Explore South Africa's Heart and Soul

Welcome to Volunteer & Travel, where we offer an exceptional and genuine experience for those seeking to discover the vibrant tapestry of South Africa while actively participating in its rich culture.

Our mission is to provide you with a truly immersive adventure that goes beyond the ordinary tourist routes. Join us as we journey through local communities, offering your time and skills to make a positive impact and forge lasting connections.

Our Unique Approach

At Volunteer & Travel, we embrace a distinctive approach to exploring South Africa. We venture into communities that are often overlooked by mainstream tourism, giving you the chance to truly connect with the essence of the country. Our base in Durban offers an incredible opportunity to volunteer with organizations deeply ingrained in the community. By dedicating your time, you'll gain insights into our culture, traditions, and way of life that traditional tourism simply can't provide.

Volunteer Programs for Every Journey

Whether you're seeking a short-term adventure or a longer commitment, we have volunteer programs to suit your desires.


Our carefully designed programs allow you to contribute meaningfully while immersing yourself in the local lifestyle. And worry not about accommodation – we provide shared hostel and backpacker lodgings right within the heart of the community, ensuring you're always at the center of the action.

Unforgettable Expeditions

Picture yourself embarking on thrilling expeditions in comfortable 7-seater SUVs, perfectly equipped for your adventure. While we offer the comforts of great hostels, backpackers' havens, lodges, and even camping sites, our journey carries a backpacker's spirit – a sense of exploration and discovery. With a local guide by your side, you'll have the freedom to explore independently or as part of a like-minded group.

Empowering Communities Through Responsible Tourism

At the core of Volunteer & Travel is our commitment to giving back and supporting the communities that welcome us.


Our philosophy of responsible tourism revolves around dignity, respect for the environment, and empowering the people we assist. We believe in integration and immersion, valuing experiences that deeply connect you with the communities you serve. Our focus extends beyond mere gift-giving; it's about making a lasting impact.

Join Us on a Journey of Meaningful Exploration

Experience South Africa in a way that touches your heart and transforms your perspective. Volunteer & Travel invites you to be a part of something greater – to connect, learn, and contribute to the cultural tapestry of this incredible nation. Embark on a journey that not only shows you the beauty of the land but also introduces you to the beauty of its people.


Connect with us today and embark on an adventure that matters.

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