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Music Festivals

Iconic music festivals all over South Africa year round.

  • South Africa

Service Description

During your time with us there might be music festivals happening etc. We are more than happy to rally a group of interested people and made a road trip of it. In this case each person will have to contribute to the cost of the trip or the tickets. Festivals are very affordable in South Africa so tickets wont be too much. We have participated in festivals like The Bushfire Festival in Swaziland. Usually it happens around May. Another favourite in Rocking The Daises, just outside of Cape Town. This usually happens around September. We were planning on going to Africa Burn before COVID-19 hit. It usually happens around April, we looking forward to it. There might be others in between and are always keen on attending them with you.

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Contact Details

+27 68 158 6761

Volunteer & Travel, Inkangala, Luthuli, South Africa

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